“Vandervells helped guide us through the whole process”

Buy a Business

People decide to buy a business for a variety of reasons but for many it is about being in control of their own destiny.

Factors to consider are:
Type of business

• Catering
• Retail
• Hospitality
• Care
• Service industry
• Manufacturing
• Wholesale

Having expert professional help on board is invaluable when you are planning to buy a business

Getting off to a good start is vital and we have extensive experience of the wide range of business sectors as above to guide you through every step of the buying process. We also have contacts with experienced solicitors, accountants and commercial finance brokers.

We have been helping people buy businesses for some 50 years in total. There is no substitute for talking through all the aspects with a professional who knows and understands your sector and is fully conversant with all the processes of purchasing differing types of businesses.

We look forward to helping you through the process to realise your ambitions – having found a business in your searches that you would like to know more about – talk to us – if you would then like to view the business we will ask you for a little background information for our client who will expect this.

Do bear in mind some sales are very confidential and staff may be unaware the business is being marketed. Following a successful viewing it would be normal to request account information, if you are new to business accounts and the terminology used we are there to help.

If financing is required we cannot stress too much the importance of using a good commercial broker, whilst banks may be the ultimate lender they not only vary between themselves, but their own favoured sectors tend to rotate in and out of ‘fashion’; a good commercial broker knows what is flavour of the month with whom, and will help present your case in a positive way – work with us and help with a business plan. This can make the crucial difference.

There may then follow an offer to purchase, further negotiation, agreement on a deal, funding, lease assignment/property valuation, legals, and continued communications with all parties to completion, we are there to assist throughout the process.

We recently got in touch with Vandervells when we decided to sell our Tearoom they were very professional and had the added appeal of reasonable costs and NO UPFRONT FEES.

M and C. Teashop Owners, Cambridge.